Hapkido (합기도)

Hapkido is the Korean Martial Art of Self Defence and has evolved over thousands of years. It originated through the introduction of Buddhism in Korea in 3 A.D and was developed generation to generation by Royal families of Korea and Japan as their secret self defence. The name means; HAP – circular harmony, KI – power or action, DO – way, execute; therefore – Circular Power Way.

Hapkido Grading December 2021
AJS Self Defence – Hapkido Grading – December 2021

Hapkido uses circular motion not to aggressively attack; rather to flow with the opponent; and to lead them to the advantage point where joint twists, hitting, kicking and throwing take control of the opponent’s actions toward submission or smashing techniques.

It is a very effective and practical means of self defence and the policy of AJS Self Defence is to only teach the techniques to adults and mature teens.

It is governed internationally by the Korea Hapkido Federation. AJS Self Defence is a part of the Australian Hapkido Federation.

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