Choosing the right martial arts school

Choosing the right martial arts school for you or for your children is an important decision.

We firmly believe that the only way to make the right choice for you is to visit the school in person, try out a trial lesson, meet the instructors, check out the facilities and ask any questions that you may have – of us and of other students/parents. Having taught martial arts continuously in the Blacktown area since 1988 we welcome your visit and confidently offer a free trial lesson for new students. After all, the feedback from parents and students we’ve taught over more than 30 years speaks for itself.

Questions we believe you should ask of any martial arts schools that you’re considering?

  • How long has the school been running? Long-term success speaks for itself.
  • Does the school have a permanent home in it’s own premises? Schools that don’t have a permanent location tend to move around and classes schedules can be impacted by other users of the venue (e.g. school halls and school holidays).
  • Are the premises and equipment clean and well maintained?
  • Is the school affiliated with the Martial Arts Industry Association? MAIA is the peak industry body in Australia.
  • Is the school affiliated with Australian Taekwondo, World Taekwondo and Hapkido Federation of Korea? If not, your and your instructor’s qualifications may not be recognised outside of the school.
  • Who are the instructors? Importantly, are they independently qualified/accredited? Are they properly trained and experienced?
  • What is the student to instructor ratio in classes?
  • Does the school and/or instructor hold appropriate insurance?
  • Do the instructors have a Working With Children Check (WWCC) number, and a first aid certificate?
  • What instructional aids does the school provide? For example, does the school have a free app for students?
  • Are there any extra fees and charges? When comparing schools it’s important to know that some charge extra for automatic or credit card payments, an annual membership fee, insurance premiums, equipment costs and for access to an app to assist learning.