Newsletter: December 2021

Corona Virus Update

We survived!! (again)

Many local, national and international martial arts clubs and organisations have not survived the world-wide pandemic. We have.

As advised by the Martial Arts Industry Association, as of 15 December 2021, QR Code access will no longer be required. Nor is there any limitation on parents watching the class and/or grading. I will ask that all students continue to record their attendance in the diary as we have been doing. However, with the latest outbreak of the new version of Covid, I will ask that masks are used off the training mat.

I wish to thank every one for your ongoing support to our club.


Senior Grand Master Sung Soo Lee will be attending our grading on Thursday 16/12/2021. Training times are as normal. You will need to submit your grading form and $80 cash fee before the grading night.

Summer Break

Thursday 16/12/2021 will be the final night for 2021. We will resume on Monday 17/01/2022. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday period.

AJS Self Defence App and Website

FYI, the app remains fully available to all students of AJS Self Defence. The website has also been upgrade with great thanks to Phillip Thomas. It looks fantastic.