Empowering, informative, practical

Well structured and empowering, informative, practical, respectful and funny in each lesson and this allowed me to explore their teaching in my body and life. Great demonstration of moves – clear and understandable.

Excellent price

Fun class. Informative. Excellent price. I enjoyed it and I think that everyone else did as well. I won’t remember it all but will definitely remember some of it in the future.

Awesome class

Awesome class. I have learnt a lot of techniques that are easy to remember and work effectively. I like that our instructor has a background in Hapkido and lots of knowledge in self defence.

Fun and informative

The classes have been great. They were fun and informative. I no longer feel like a damsel in distress. I know if the time comes I am prepared to look after myself.

Very knowledgeable

Overall I found the self defence class very knowledgeable which taught me the basics of self defence. I also enjoyed the group discussions which I found help me be more aware of serious situations.

Very good instruction

Very good instruction. Great to get back to basics. Good to learn to run away after using the techniques. Good info booklet.